Mission and vision


Thuis Partners: we’ve become a major player in Limburg by remaining ourselves. When legal services are concerned, businesspeople, government bodies, and institutions feel at home – in Dutch “thuis” – with us. The basis for successful cooperation is a good relationship. We understand what clients are concerned about. Our experienced employees provide added value. We deal with your case energetically, first carefully thinking through all the steps. And then, together with you, we determine the winning strategy.



At home in business, partners in business

The world around us is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex from a legal point of view. The firm of Thuis Partners is there for you and we represent your interests. We familiarise ourselves with your business and we keep you actively informed of developments that are relevant to you. We also act as your sparring partner in risk control and conflict management and we make sure that you can do business in a better and smarter way. That way, we can make life easier for you and can deliver added value.