Employment law

Our Employment Law department has been assisting entrepreneurs and private individuals with all kinds of employment law issues for many years now. We have extensive experience in advising and litigating on such issues. The field is a very broad one, ranging from dismissal cases to accidents at work. You can contact us with any legal questions you may have regarding “work”.



We advise on employment law issues. Whether it’s a matter of terms of employment, reorganisations, illegal employee competition, or dismissal with immediate effect, we will be happy to discuss what needs to be done, whatever sector is involved. We are highly familiar with public service law, the legal position of teaching staff, and the special legal positions of semi-public organisations. Our extensive experience means that we can guide and advise you on employment law issues in the event of mergers and acquisitions, but also on individual dismissal cases and fraud investigations.

Employment relationships can take many different forms. We regularly advise on flexible employment relationships, working as a self-employed person and in a partnership, and on the position of directors under the articles of association. Employment law is always in development and a proactive attitude is therefore of great importance.



Unfortunately, judicial proceedings cannot always be avoided in employment cases. Nevertheless, in such cases we also look above all for ways of resolving the dispute by mutual agreement. But your interests as our client are of course paramount. We keep in mind that an employment case is experienced as burdensome by all parties involved. An energetic and effective approach is therefore in your interest. We have extensive experience of litigation, both in court but also before special appeal committees, complaints committees, and specialised boards.


Subjects and training

Employment law includes the following subjects:

  • dismissal cases;
  • reorganisations;
  • employment terms;
  • employee participation matters;
  • industrial accidents;
  • fraud investigations;
  • public service cases;
  • partnership problems;
  • self-employed persons (“zzp-ers”);
  • directors under the articles of association;
  • employee competition;
  • Participation Act;
  • Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act.

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