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Healthcare law

What is healthcare law? It’s the body of law relating to healthcare and the application of other civil, administrative, and criminal law in that context. But “the body of law relating to healthcare” is a very broad concept. Thuis Partners is one of the few Limburg law firms that can assist you – a healthcare business, institution, or professional – with virtually all matters in the field of healthcare law. Whether it’s a simple matter or a complex one, we have extensive experience in advising and litigating on all matters involving healthcare law. Our specialists adopt a bold but tactful approach, with involvement as a priority. We aim to make things easier for you and/or your employees.


We can advise on the whole spectrum of healthcare law issues. We think along with you, whether it concerns individual or collective patient rights, disciplinary and/or civil liability, negotiations with health insurers, or good governance. We are familiar with every sector of healthcare. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to guide and advise anyone who works in the sector and finds him/herself confronted by a problem involving healthcare law.


Unfortunately, judicial proceedings cannot always be avoided. They may concern reporting violence against an ambulance personnel, disciplinary proceedings or complaint proceedings, or proceedings regarding a governance issue. Thuis Partners will be only too happy to help. Your interests as our client are of course paramount. We are perfectly aware that litigation is burdensome for all parties involved and that parties may well still be involved with one another after the end of the proceedings. The approach we adopt is therefore not just bold but also tactful and forward-looking. We have extensive experience of litigation, not only in court but also before the Regional and Central Healthcare Disciplinary Tribunals, special advisory committees and complaints committees, including the Healthcare Governance Committee.

Subjects and training

Healthcare law includes the following subjects:

  • supervision and governance in the field of healthcare;
  • quality requirements in the field of healthcare;
  • healthcare financing;
  • collaborative and organisational structures in the healthcare sector;
  • the medical treatment agreement;
  • involuntary healthcare;
  • medical professional confidentiality and the privilege of non-disclosure;
  • privacy and the exchange of medical data in the healthcare sector;
  • assistance with the law on complaints and medical disciplinary law;
  • measures imposed by the Inspectorate;
  • legal assistance in the event of physical or verbal violence against carers;
  • advice on legislation and regulations for professional court-appointed administrators;
  • healthcare real estate;
  • separation of housing and care. 

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We organise an annual healthcare law seminar, as well as regular in-house courses on such matters as medical confidentiality and the privilege of non-disclosure.

Please contact our Healthcare Law department with any questions regarding healthcare law.

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