Real Estate and Government

The Real Estate and Government department at Thuis Partners is a highly experienced team providing clients with top-quality support in real estate matters. You can call on our lawyers for all aspects of real estate law. They adopt a carefully considered and pragmatic approach, whether it is public or private law that is concerned. Our clients include renowned architects, major project developers, leading construction companies, and various large and medium-sized public housing corporations and municipalities. We can provide input for the creation of robust or challenging projects, with risk control and conflict management being of paramount importance.



The members of the Real Estate and Government department always want to know what exactly you are doing, both in general and at this particular moment, and what drives you. We firmly believe that when working in this field, lawyers need to know the client and the sector, and that they have to speak and understand the client’s language. It’s only then they can look after your interests in the best possible way. Thanks to this specialised knowledge, we can support you fully in setting up construction projects, assessing and/or editing architectural, contracting, purchase and rental agreements, and in identifying and if necessary contracting out of uncontrollable risks and/or liabilities. We fully realise that quite a few models and templates can be downloaded from the Internet. But we don’t believe in “copy and paste”; we prefer to provide tailor-made advice. No client, no project, and no risk is ever the same..



Even if all the risks have been identified and/or allowed for contractually, a construction-related dispute may still arise. But a dispute doesn’t necessarily need to involve going to court. There are in fact various ways for resolving it: consultation, mediation, a binding opinion, etc. Only if it turns out that no agreement can be reached on the disputed points and that the dispute cannot be resolved in any other way, will we recommend instituting legal proceedings. If proceedings are unavoidable, then we do our utmost to achieve the best possible result for our client. We have a great deal of experience in conducting construction-related proceedings, both before the various courts and at the Arbitration Council for the Building Industry. And where public law is concerned we also know the right course to follow, right up to the Council of State. Your case is in safe hands with Thuis Partners.


Subjects and training

Our real estate work covers the following:

  • procurement law;
  • architectural law, DNR 2011, and liabilities;
  • zoning plans and loss resulting from government planning decisions;
  • objection and appeal proceedings;
  • building law, UAV 2012, UAV gc 2015, AVV;
  • tenancy law for residential and commercial premises;
  • real estate agreements;
  • government liability;
  • proceedings before the Arbitration Council for the Building Industry;
  • project development;
  • public private partnerships;
  • subsidies;
  • permits and enforcement.

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We organise an annual Real Estate seminar, and on request we give in-house courses on such topics as amendments to the DNR and the UAV.

Please contact our Real Estate department with any questions about these matters.