Corporate Social Responsibility – regional involvement

Thuis Partners is closely involved in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, where all its staff live and work. We enjoy all the splendid things that the Dutch and Belgian provinces of Limburg, the Belgian Voeren district, and the Aachen region have to offer. Our employees are active in culinary, cultural, educational, social, and sporting activities, where they frequently run into clients. We greatly value the beautiful environment in which we live. For us, it’s perfectly natural to make connections, speak different languages, and cross national borders.

That’s why we are partners with a large number of organisations and institutions that support, maintain, and strengthen the cultural, economic, social, or sports structures of the region. Our employees are closely involved with these organisations and institutions; in numerous cases at management level.

Our regional partners include:





  • Sprinc Parkstad (employers’ CSR platform)
  • Limburg Export Society
  • Real Estate Society
  • Dutch Industry and Commerce Society
  • Thomas More
  • St Gerlach Chamber
  • Limburg Employers’ Association



  • Roda JC Business Club
  • MVV Business Club
  • Chasse Patate (cycling event)
  • Pro Team Limburg
  • Ridderronde (cycling event)
  • OCI Lions (handball)



  • United World College
  • Institute for Corporate Governance en Innovation Policies
  • Maastricht University Register Accountant


You can take guests along to some of the events organised by the various partners listed above. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.