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Student internships

Thuis Partners offers internships for law students, and throughout the year we welcome one or more interns to our offices.

A student internship lets you get a good idea of the firm and the legal profession, and we try to help you on your way in your professional career. We do that on the basis of an extensive plan setting out jointly determined goals, areas of attention, and the positive competencies for the intern. In the plan, he/she keeps track of the work carried out. At Thuis Partners, we have an open and informal working atmosphere in which interns are fully involved in the practice: they draw up memos, attend meetings and court hearings, and of course take part in the various informal activities of the firm. The plan is regularly evaluated so that the intern and his/her internship supervisor have a good idea of how things are going and can ensure that the various goals are achieved. We help with the points that need to be focussed on and we make sure that the intern can excel as regards positive competencies.

Internships are usually for two months. They are particularly suitable for students who are taking a Master’s degree or who are reaching the end of their Bachelor’s degree programme.

Applying for an internship with Thuis Partners

Interested students should write telling us why they wish to undertake an internship with us; they should also include their grade transcript and curriculum vitae. These should be sent to Britta Zeschmann. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about internships with Thuis Partners.

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