German desk


With offices in Heerlen and Maastricht, Thuis Partners has a Euroregional location. We are very well aware that German-speaking clients do business, work, live, and invest in the Netherlands. That experience is shared by our German-speaking lawyers. As a result, our German desk is even better able to provide support for German-speaking clients with interests in the Netherlands. We can provide that support entirely in German in all areas of the law, making it easy to cope with differences between corporate cultures and legal systems.

Our German desk comprises the lawyers Emile Savelkoul (employment law and commercial law) and Claire Nijssen (real estate and claims collection).


Advice and proceedings

Thuis Partners has long assisted and advised various German-language companies that have an establishment in the Netherlands. We also assist companies and individuals with a different kind of link with Germany, for example a German parent company with a Dutch subsidiary or German employees working in the Netherlands. Of course we also advise companies based in Germany on doing business in the Netherlands. We assist German-speaking clients in proceedings before Dutch courts and in other forms of dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration, and binding opinions.


Fields of law

Our German desk frequently advises and litigates on such matters as:

  • cross-border employment and related redundancy issues;
  • establishment of a Dutch branch or subsidiary;
  • disputes with Dutch suppliers or customers;
  • commercial agents and agency agreements;
  • claims collection;
  • the legal position of directors according to the articles of association;
  • disputes between shareholders.



We are a member of the Deutsch-Niederländische Rechtsanwaltsvereinigung (DNRV), the Deutsch-Niederländische Handelskammer (DNHK), the Deutsch-Niederländische Gesellschaft zu Aachen (DNG), and the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s Deutsch-Niederländische Business Club.

Please contact our German desk with any questions about these matters.