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Thuis Partners is a member of the International Practice Group (IPG). IPG is an international knowledge platform within which lawyers, accountants, and tax advisors work together on a global scale. More than 100 independent firms are members of the IPG network.

Thanks to the IPG network, we are able to provide reliable, effective, and efficient services to clients with a question about foreign law or a cross-border matter. And the IPG network knows that it can contact us too. This is one of the reasons why we have extensive experience of working for foreign clients. In doing so, we also pay attention to and understand the differences in culture, approach, and working methods.

Membership of the IPG means active membership. The organisation holds a twice-yearly international conference at which we are always represented. We are also in touch with the IPG

  • to deal with cross-border cases with our IPG partners;
  • when an international client asks us to deal with an issue under Dutch law via our IPG partners; and
  • when we act as an intermediary regarding foreign law issues.

As a member of long standing and with numerous contacts, we know the professionals who make up the IPG network extremely well. In the event of a foreign legal or cross-border matter, our clients can benefit from the relationships we have established within the network.

Please contact our IPG department with any questions about these matters.

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