Limburg Supervisory Directors Day

The role of supervisors and supervisory directors is changing rapidly. There has been public debate for some time, for example, about the way in which they should perform their duties. This is apparent from the way the relevant legislation and regulations are constantly changing. A supervisor must contribute, in a professional manner, to the proper functioning of the company or organisation. That demands integrity, transparency and above all relevant knowledge.

Since 2014, Thuis Partners has collaborated with various other parties to organise an annual event – “Limburg Supervisory Directors Day” – focusing on the duties of supervisory directors. This interactive event is intended for supervisory board members (including in spe) who wish to broaden their knowledge, share their experience and dilemmas, and meet other supervisory board members. Participants receive 2 PE points if they take the full programme.

To sign up for this event, go to the Limburg Supervisory Directors Day website.

For specific questions about the legal position, duties, and powers of a supervisory board member, you can contact Nico van der Peet.