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“In my spare time I like to go jogging or cycling in the beautiful Limburg countryside, and that means ‘conquering’ quite a few hills. It’s sometimes better to find a flatter route. It involves making choices, and that’s also important in the legal profession if you want to make it to the finish line.”

Christiaan Riemens

Christiaan Riemens is a down-to-earth, critical, and focussed lawyer. His strength lies in going beyond the material so as to arrive at a suitable and workable solution. He tackles the work in a disciplined and methodical way, analysing and thoroughly examining the issues that arise, in an appropriate and efficient manner. He gets a lot of satisfaction and energy from ensuring client satisfaction.

Christiaan specialises in employment law and healthcare law. He frequently advises (and where necessary litigates) on matters such as labour and dismissal disputes, patient rights, medical confidentiality, disputes within joint ventures, disciplinary law, and training and registration disputes. He is particularly interested in the relationship between medical confidentiality and the detection of criminal offences. Christiaan mainly assists healthcare institutions, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

He graduated cum laude from Maastricht University in 2015 in Dutch law with a specialisation in employment and healthcare law. While still a student he gained experience within the judiciary as an external court clerk.

Christiaan Riemens has registered the following areas of law in the register of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Employment law
  • Healthcare law

This registration obliges Christiaan to achieve ten permanent education points per calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.


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