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“As a dance and music enthusiast, the dynamics of legal work appeal to me. I am excited by looking – with the client – for the best solution to the legal puzzle.”

Fabienne Degens

Fabienne Degens is curious about the legal issues that she has to deal with, but she is also very interested in the person or entrepreneur behind the issue. Integrity is a priority for her. She is driven, creative and a team player. Whether it’s a dismissal case or a complicated advice, Fabienne gives it her full attention.

Fabienne specialises in labour law in the broadest sense. She has a great deal of experience when it comes to dismissal cases, the Dutch Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act and restructuring of employment conditions. She also handles many cases relating to public service law and education law.

Fabienne successfully completed the Tilburg Maastricht post-academic training in labour law. She is a member of the Limburg chapter of the Association of Labour Law Lawyers and a member of the Dutch Labour Lawyers Association.


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