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“As a lawyer, you try to achieve benefits for your client; as a mediator, you seek a solution that benefits everyone. That sometimes leads to surprising results.”

Fokje Kuiper

Fokje Kuiper is tried and tested in the family law practice. She is prepared to go through thick and thin for her clients, but is not afraid to confront them regarding their own position, where necessary. Fokje has the ability to help people through one of the most difficult periods in their lives in a friendly but decisive manner. Her empathy, in conjunction with practical insight and sound legal knowledge, serve her well in that respect.

Fokje advises, mediates and litigates in all family-law matters, with the emphasis on divorce proceedings and everything that involves. These aspects include custody and access, maintenance issues, division of matrimonial property, settlement of prenuptial agreements and pension equalisation. Fokje has also focused on inheritance-law issues, such as claiming the statutory share, the rights and duties of the executor and the settlement/division of an estate.

In addition, Fokje advises healthcare institutions on current developments within health law, e.g. regarding complaints and dealing with disputes, decisional incompetence, guardianship and mentorship, the medical treatment contract and doctor-patient confidentiality. She also offers legal assistance in cases of physical and verbal abuse against care providers.

Fokje completed the family law special training cum laude. She is a vFAS divorce mediator and an MfN (formerly NMI) registered mediator. In 2016, she followed the Lawyer in Healthcare training at the Educational Centre for Business and Government. Fokje is a member of the Association for Health Law.

Fokje Kuiper has registered the following areas of law in the register of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Inheritance law
  • Healthcare law
  • Family law
    • Divorces, maintenance issues, custody and access
    • Mediation

This registration obliges Fokje to achieve ten permanent education points per calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.


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