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“I see the legal professional as a calling. Working together to find and deliver the best solution in a well-considered, creative and tactful manner. Taking account of the human dimension is absolutely vital.”

Karina Lemmens

Karina Lemmens is a level-headed lawyer with an eye for the interests of all involved. She solves often complicated conflicts in an ethical manner. She works fairly for an appropriate solution on the basis of a no-nonsense approach.

Karina is a labour law specialist. She is engaged by many employers for mediation, advice and proceedings relating to dismissal, industrial accidents, reorganisations or restructurings. In addition, she frequently has to deal with issues relating to employment conditions, employee participation, collective agreements and directors appointed under the articles of association. Karina also focuses on special legal status (public service law and education) and governance. Karina is also consulted regularly as a confidential counsellor or mediator, not only in the case of complex relationships in work situations, but also with regard to family firms, e.g. for governance and succession issues.

Karina is a member of the Limburg chapter of the Association of Labour Law Lawyers and a member of the Dutch Labour Lawyers Association. She is also secretary/treasurer of the Maastricht Legal Society. Karina is a board member of Sprinc Parkstad.

Karina Lemmens has registered the following areas of law in the register of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Employment law
    • Labour mediation
    • Collective dismissals
    • Worker participation law
  • Business law

This registration obliges Karina to achieve ten permanent education points per calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association..


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