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“For me, the law is an instrument to help people and to arrive at just and fair solutions.”

Nadine Lafghani

Nadine Lafghani is an astute lawyer. She has the ability to get to the heart of every case rapidly, however complex. In doing so, she is not afraid to delve into the legal details. Nadine shows passion and has an eye for the interests that are lurking in the background of every case. This is evident from the enthusiasm she shows in her work, with the aim of achieving an optimal result in every case.

Nadine is an experienced civil lawyer with a great deal of procedural experience. Thanks to her versatility, Nadine can identify connections between various legal areas and can offer high-quality assistance in every civil case.

Nadine is training as a judge. In that context, she has been seconded by the Limburg District Court to Thuis Partners for two years.

Nadine is socially involved. As a language coach at Refugee Foundation Netherlands, she helps refugees to improve their knowledge of the Dutch language. As a community mediator at the Welsun Foundation, she assists neighbours who have a strained relationship. She works with them to restore communication and to achieve a solution to their conflict.


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