The Institute for Corporate Law, Governance, and Innovation Policies (ICGI) is a research institute associated with the Faculty of Law at Maastricht University. Thuis Partners has been an active partner of the ICGI since it was set up in 2009.

The ICGI carries out research and provides education, coaching, training, and scientific doctoral programmes. The focus is on legal entities and the related national and international legislation and regulations in the ever-changing legal and social environment.

Thuis Partners is involved in the ICGI’s associate programme, in which the emphasis is on knowledge-sharing. Thuis Partners’ expertise and practical knowledge is combined with the scholarship and research strength of the ICGI itself. Research and practice are thus combined, with both benefiting from the shared up-to-date knowledge of company law and employment law. The available knowhow in these areas is therefore of a state-of-the-art standard, enabling us to provide our clients with the best possible service as regards their company law and employment law issues. In this context, the ICGI can assist if a legal opinion must be provided or if affordable further scholarly research is required.

Thuis Partners also provides master classes for students who are taking the ICGI’s premium programme, which focuses on the combination of legal knowledge and skills. Such matters as “disputes within the company” and “the company and liability” are dealt with by means of interactive cases. Students are also supervised within the context of a fictitious court case, with the proceedings being entirely in the hands of the students.

Thuis Partners collaborates with the ICGI and other parties to organise an annual event focusing on the duties of supervisory directors. Thuis Partners and the ICGI are both founding partners of the platform for supervisory directors (werkenalscommissaris.nl).

Thuis Partners attaches great importance to support and contact with Maastricht University, its staff, and its students. Knowledge-sharing, training, and the enthusiasm and commitment of the students helps keep us on our toes!