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Dimitry Aertssen


Welcome, Partner

Legal issues are getting ever more complex, and specialised knowhow is more vital than ever. But what’s the use of that knowhow if the advice you get is so woolly and presents so many different options that it’s impossible for you to choose? At Thuis Partners, we don’t believe in going into every possible variant. We believe in clear, to-the-point advice from a lawyer you can rely on. We believe in getting to the heart of things.

We’re not called Thuis Partners for nothing, because you are the partner, at a firm where you can feel at home (which is in fact what the Dutch name “Thuis” actually means). Our roots in the province of Limburg mean that we adopt an open and personal approach, which creates a lasting relationship of trust and enables us to advise you both expertly and intelligibly. We are there for you and we represent your interests. We familiarise ourselves with your business and we keep you actively informed of developments that are relevant to you. But we also act as your sparring partner in risk control and conflict management and we make sure that you can do business in a better and smarter way.

We focus mainly on medium-sized to large companies, government bodies and organisations, often with multiple branches. Our specialists are also accustomed to operating “across the borders”, applying their knowhow for international organisations and in a multidisciplinary context.

We look forward to helping you in a personal, trusted and thoughtful way, but also decisively. That way, we can make life easier for you and can deliver added value.

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