Philippe van den Heuvel

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Philippe van den Heuvel is an enthusiastic lawyer who is always at the service of his clients. He focuses primarily on solving and avoiding disputes. His strategic way of thinking, social skills and his eye for pragmatic solutions are an advantage in that respect. The same applies to his competitive attitude, which he acquired when taking part in sports at a high level during his youth and when studying.

Philippe specialises in insolvency and business law. As a result of his Belgian roots, he is a member of the Belgian Desk. With regard to insolvency law, he advises businesses that are experiencing financial difficulties and directors on directors’ and officers’ liability. He also works frequently with our own trustees for the settlement of bankruptcies and suspensions of payments. In addition, he offers precautionary advice to businesses to secure their legal position as far as possible should they have to deal with relations that are experiencing payment difficulties. He also advises and litigates, where necessary, on business-law matters, such as compliance issues, disputes within the business, national and international commercial contracts and standard or complex collection issues.

In 2018, Philippe completed the Grotius Academy training in insolvency law and he is a member of INSOLAD (the Dutch Association of Insolvency Practitioners). He regularly gives masterclasses in the context of the ICGI premium track at Maastricht University.


Philippe van den Heuvel has registered the following areas of law in the register of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Insolvency law
    • Bankruptcy
    • Suspension of payment
  • Corporate Law
    • Directors’ liability
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Companies
    • Associations and foundations

This registration obliges Philippe to achieve ten permanent education points per calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.