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“As a Heerlen lad, I feel rooted in this region. I therefore have a better idea of how to strike the right legal chord for clients from this area.”

Rick Jongen

Rick Jongen is an enthusiastic lawyer who likes to get down to work quickly without losing sight of quality. As a sparring partner, he has an eye for all interests, but he is also critical and does not accept everything as a matter of course. He enjoys complexity and progress, he is open to new developments and acts creatively. Rick is analytical and rapidly gets to the heart of a case. His aim is to offer a solution: either legal or practical.

Rick specialises in administrative and property law. As a result, he often works at the interface of public and private law, and acts on behalf of public authorities, institutions, businesses and citizens. Rick advises and litigates on zoning plans, planning blight, permits and the Dutch Government Information (Public Access) Act, as well as to construction law, tenancy law and government liability. Enforcement is also part of his expertise, e.g. in the case of administrative fines and enforcing spatial planning or maintaining public order.

In 2014, Rick graduated cum laude from Maastricht University in constitutional and administrative law and private law.


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